Litigation Support


Our Team has extensive experience in litigation support and expert testimony on a wide variety of aviation and aviation-related issues, with a focus on forensic economics and economic damages.  Some examples of recent assignments include:


Expert testimony before the US District Court in a dispute related to a change in aircraft engines for a popular general aviation aircraft, and the economic consequences thereof on recent purchasers with earlier engines.

Expert testimony before the US District Court in a dispute related to the conversion of commercial jetliners to freighter configuration, aircraft values and economic damages that resulted from a failure in timely delivery.

Expert testimony before the US Court of Federal Appeals in a dispute related to a program to re-engine an aircraft and its potential market and appeal in the competitive marketplace.

Expert support and an assessment of economic damages in an arbitration between and aircraft manufacturer and a key supplier with respect to a dispute over risk-sharing payments.

Expert support and affidavits in a Canadian case involving a dispute over an aircraft that had been damaged prior to delivery to a customer, and the impact of damage, repairs, and a subsequent lightning strike on the value and acceptability of that aircraft to a new aircraft customer.

Expert report and affidavits in a Hong Kong case involving disputed charges related to the maintenance of a private jetliner that underwent an overhaul to “head of state” standards, with a focus on component replacement costs.

Expert testimony in an arbitration involving a breach of contract dispute between a major aerospace company and an entrepreneurial venture to re-engine a popular business jet.

Expert support in a case entailing the interior completion of a private business aircraft and the effect of customer requests on the performance and range of that aircraft.

We have worked closely with a number of industry experts, both from our organization and others, in various fields.  Should we lack the specific expertise for a situation, we can often refer you to an appropriate expert.

Please contact us for additional details on our litigation support experience or call us for a confidential discussion regarding potential litigation support at +1.603.894.0000.