The Arvai Group Advantage

Our aim is to provide superior value for our clients. Consultants are agents of change, and we focus on creating significant and permanent improvement for our clients. We accept only assignments in which we believe we can contribute to success and add value to our client, and do not accept assignments in which a conflict of interest, or even the appearance of a conflict of interest, might exist. Initial assignments are accepted only after developing a firsthand understanding of your situation and critical issues, and jointly reaching agreement on the expected results.

Using The Arvai Group for consulting engagements provides several advantages:

First, our firm and staff have deep experience in the aviation, aerospace, and air transportation sectors  and the issues which industry participants face. Our experience in multiple sectors of the industry brings a unique perspective to client issues. While industry knowledge is valuable, we have also found that experience in analogous situations outside the aviation industry is valuable in interpreting what might happen when a company embarks in new directions. Our functional specialists work with companies across several industries and bring a complimentary perspective to industry problems.

Second, we work interactively with our clients, and integrate the experience and insights of our clients into our projects rather than working on our own. We understand that the results of our efforts will last well beyond our presence, and that ownership of a course of action by those who must implement it is vital to its success.

Third, we rely on disciplined, fact-based analytical work. While experience and hunches are valuable, disciplined analysis frequently demonstrates the limitation or errors in conventional wisdom that others have taken as truth. The insights developed jointly with our clients in rigorously examining the merits of strategic alternatives are often among the most valuable contributions of our work.

Fourth, we also place major emphasis on creativity in the problem solving process. Our approach provides a focus on the front-end of the problem solving process through identification of the forces that are driving change, and using that knowledge in the development of plausible strategic options. Our approach focuses on exploring the possible — “what if” and “how could we make it work here” — to develop the strategic alternatives that our fact-based analytic work will test, rather than expecting ideas to emerge from field research.

Fifth, we view the problem from a top management perspective, asking what would we do if we owned the business. This ensures that we examine the situation from multiple angles, and ensures that our solutions have addressed the necessary factors for their implementation.

Finally, we blend the level of expertise, experience and sophistication normally associated with larger firms with the senior level attention that can only be provided by a smaller firm. As a privately held firm, our guiding philosophy is that our success is dependent on the success of our clients.