Consulting Philosophy

Our operating philosophy is built on five pillars that guide our consulting activities:

Delivering Exceptional Value By combining the resources and sophistication normally associated with a larger firm with the personal attention that can only be provided by a smaller firm, we deliver exceptional value to our clients.

A Balance of Creativity and Analytical Rigor. We seek to combine creativity and out-of-the-box thinking with analytical rigor to provide innovative solutions which are firmly grounded and acheivable.

Leveraging Advances in Information Technology. Early adapters of technology can gain significant competitive advantage, particularly when technologies enable business processes which were heretofore infeasible. We have helped several clients refine their strategies to take advantage of emerging advances in technology.

A Search for the Truth. Good consultants seek answers, and on many occasions find that convention wisdom is simply incorrect, often with far-reaching implications for corporate performance. A straightforward approach, supported in the harsh light of analytical rigor, is often necessary to successfully deliver messages which may not be well received by the audience.

Integrity and Intellectual Honesty. Our hallmark is our reputation for integrity. If we believe a client is headed down the wrong road, or that an idea may not be successful, we will discuss the issue with our client rather than accept an assignment to support an incorrect course, and offer alternative courses of action. We have consistently declined to undertake appraisal assignments when asked to support predetermined conclusions.